Rako Home Automation

We supply and stock a great range of Rako home automation. Rako make a range of reliable and affordable home automation. We have a working display of their wireless home automation kit in our Bristol lighting showroom. When you have multiple lighting circuits and an large space to control then the wireless mood control and dimmer is the ideal solution. This switch control is wire free and sends its signal over a low frequency RF signal that can travel over 30 metres. Each lighting circuit then has a simple inline receiver fitted. You can get them suitable for RGB tape, LED downlights and even non dimmable lights. These sit inline and control the lights. The mood control holds up to 7 scenes which can be programmed and changed as you wish. The wall control sends a simple coomand to each reciver which then turns the lighting on/off or dims it to a preffered setting. It really is a clever and user friendly system that makes controlling multiple lighting circuits very easy. You can also get the buttons on the wireless mood control engraved so each one says the name of the scene, for example dining, party, garden, TV. This is ideal for added ease of use and looks great. If you are looking for a reliable and quality control system for your lighting then Rako is the best choice. 

We have worked with Rako for several years and have gone on the various training courses they hold. We can help you design your Rako specification alongside a lighting design. We can offer discount on large orders and will always offer discount to trade customers or designers/architects. To discuss a large project or trade discount please email us sales@theurbanlightingcollection.co.uk.

Rako is a British brand, it is made in the UK and each unit is tested before sale. If you are looking for a very reliable and stylish range of home automation we would recommend Rako. You can even control your lighting from your smartphone and when you are away on holiday it will replay your last 7000 button presses as if you were actually at home. Come in now and see the range in our showroom and ask any questions. Below is a short video which showcases the range and its functions. If you would like us to contact you about Rako please fill in the below contact form and we will call/email you.

Finally, if you are in need of a qualified local electrician to install and commission you Rako home automation we can help. We have a list of trusted trades. To find out more follow this link www.findanelectricianbristol.co.uk




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