The Urban Lighting Collection

The Urban Lighting Collection

By Fraser Besant

Having worked in the lighting industry for 15 years I wanted to launch a new website to showcase the very finest designs that lighting has to offer. The lighting industry is very pro-active and new creations and products come out all the time. The importance of lighting and the effects it can have on a space have dramatically improved. The way lighting is considered and the influence it has on a project has now reached a new peak. Lighting has now become a statement.

I myself launched my own lighting brand in 2015. I wanted to signify my commitment to the industry and bring a range of lighting out that was handmade in the UK and emphasised quality and style. My lighting is industrial and vintage inspired and has recently won a national award for the best handcrafted lighting brand in the UK. Alongside manufacturing lighting I am also an award winning lighting designer. I have worked on projects all over the UK, I use my experience working with my clients to further my understanding of interior designs and current design trends. When I am working with a client it is vital the design and layout of the lighting is perfect. I am extremely diligent with my work and take great care to ensure the design meets with expectations. As such the products I specify must be the very best. I always look to introduce products that offer reliability and above all a stylish design. This is what has led me to focus on the Urban Lighting collection. 

The next chapter for me is to bring to you a website exclusively tailored to showcase the best lighting. Lighting which is sexy, functional and superior in quality. Lighting that I have worked with on countless designs and projects. Lighting that has always rewarded me with excellent feedback and a wealth of happy customers whom support me and my business with recommendations and repeat work. This website features all of my handmade lighting and a hand-picked selection of the best lighting available from across the world. From sleek interior wall lights to sexy industrial bathroom lighting, all in one place.

The Urban lighting collection is the new expectation in quality and stylish lighting. 

Seletti animal lighting UK stockist

Seletti animal lighting UK stockist. Anyone who has ever seen a gorgeous Seletti animal inspired light will know its special. The quality and detailing of these exquisite lights is second to none. Even down to the gorgeous packing. They make Monkey lights, bird lights, mice, parrot standing lights and even a lizard lamp. I have the whole range of these anainal lights online now. I work directly with Seletti in Italy and I carry almost all their lighting in stock in Bristol. It is all online now to buy and it is all on display in my Bristol lighting showroom.

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