Custom made outdoor festoon lighting

Custom made outdoor festoon lighting

Perfect for outdoor cinemas, lighting your decking or family dining areas. These beautiful lights are an ideal way to enhance your garden lighting. The festoon lights we supply can be left up outside all year round. The E27 lampholders are IP44 rated and the black cable is UV rated meaning the sun will not harm the plastic, often outdoor lighting sets are not UV rated so be careful when choosing your new lights.

This festoon lighting is made to measure so you will need to spend a little time working out exactly what you need. As standard each festoon set will be supplied with a black UK plug but this can be removed and the lighting hard wired. We also offer a range of garden rated dimmers which are perfect for festoon lighting. Feel free to email us to ask any questions about LED lamps and dimming. 

So the first measurement we need is from the power source to the start of the festoon lighting. So you may have a socket on the back of the house and a tree you want to hang the lights in 10 metres away. Then we need the total run of festoon cable and lights. We can make kits up to 100 metres long for large gardens or a marquee. The E27 lampholders can be spread out every 500mm or every 1000mm. Again you can decide what works best for you.

The festoon kits are supplied without lamps. I would recommend either my LED squirrel cage lamp or my new LED golf ball lamp. Both are super warm white and can be dimmed. I am a big fan of dimmable outdoor lighting as it allows you to pitch your lighting level according to the amount of natural light, so over the summer when it begins to get dark at 9am the lighting can be enjoyed on a lower setting until eventually the sun sets completely and you may wish to add more light. Please allow 5-7 days for the festoon to get cut, wired and tested in the workshop. If you email us your measurements we will get back to you asap with a no obligation quotation. 


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